Master, PhD and Postdoctorate Degrees


The Institute of Medical Research (IPEM) offers numerous opportunities for postdoctoral scholars to develop an academic and professional training program.  The department was created in 1994 as a continuing education program in surgical principles and IPEM has become a center of excellence in medical research.  For over 22 years, more than 200 theses have been developed, in which 184 of them correspond to master degrees and 38 of them are postdoctorate dissertations.


The areas of research interests include:


Advances in Techniques and Treatment in Surgical Disorders
Coordinators: Osvaldo Malafaia, MD, PhD
                             Jurandir Ribas Filho, MD, PhD
                             Luiz F. Kubrusly, MD, PhD


Bariatric Surgery
Coordinators: Paulo Nassif, MD, PhD
                             Fernando Tabushi, MD, PhD
                             Martin Gasser, MD, PhD


Imaging Technology and Innovation in Surgery
Coordinators: Osvaldo Malafaia, MD, PhD
                             Roberta Rehder, MD


Molecular Biology, Immunology and Oncology
Coordinators: Carmen M. Ribas, MD, PhD
                             Ana M. Waaga Gasser, MD, PhD
                             Roberta Rehder, MD


Immune-Inflammatory Responses and Oxidative Stress
Coordinator: Thelma L. Skare, MD, PhD


Tissue Regeneration and Immunology Research in Surgical Disorders
Coordinators: Jurandir Ribas Filho, MD, PhD
                             Hamilton Moreira, MD, PhD
                             Nicolau G. Czeczko, MD, PhD




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