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National exchanges and fundraising:

With a partnership of scientific interest and improvement of the reciprocal quality for the agreed institutions, the Program has two national agreements in progress that exist to develop and / or apply advanced methods in the immunostaining, being appropriate both for the agreement that is used field of experiment for your needs, as for the Program you can seize advanced methods that would hardly have proper condition to execute them.

The first with CITOLAB - Laboratory of Clinical Cytology and Histopathology LTDA, private company with an excellent quality standard in pathological anatomy, contributes to the improvement of molecular biology techniques with all types of markers. Concentration area: Translational Research in Surgery, applied to special staining markers of tumors and immunohistochemistry of theses / dissertations of the Postgraduate Program (PPG).

The second with GENOMIXX - Molecular Diagnostics, a private institution with cutting-edge technology in molecular biology, with state-of-the-art equipment guaranteeing excellent results through real-time PCR techniques, automated DNA extraction, conventional PCR, electrophoresis in Gel, genotyping of both infectious pathogens as well as tumor cofactors and related techniques. Such methods are of relevant importance in the area of ​​research since they are new techniques; It is one of the only laboratories in the State of Paraná with all the technical resources mentioned above. The objective of the agreement was to provide additional support to the area of ​​focus on Translational Research in Surgery, applied to the special staining markers of tumors and immunohistochemistry of the theses / dissertations of the PPG.



In 2012, under the coordination of Dr. Luiz Fernando Kubrusly (Permanent Professor), the Denton Cooley Institute of Research, Science and Technology (IDC) was created in the Program, whose objective is the development of research in the areas of organic recovery, particularly in Cardiac recovery with the development of a fully implantable mechanical circulatory assistance device. This proposal of creation is the first one for implantable device produced in Brazil. For this reason, patent filing was registered at the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), protocol # BR 10 2012 011859 9, dated 05/18/2012, still in this quadrennium (2013-2016).

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