Rules for Defense




Art. 41 - The examination committee of the dissertation or thesis will be constituted according to items h) and i) Art. 9 of these Rules being presided over by the oldest professor of banking from FEPAR.

Art. 42 - The judgment of the dissertation or thesis will comprise two stages: explanation by the candidate and arguing by the examiners.

            Paragraph 1 - The explanation by the candidate, within the term and up to thirty minutes, will cover the subject of the dissertation or thesis and will understand the purpose of the work, material, assembly of the methods, results, comments and conclusions, as well as to mention and justify the recognize existing ones, present suggestions for the continuation of research, and express the value of the research line used, also demonstrating its teaching capacity with this explanation. This stage will correspond to the examination of qualification required in Article 35 and its single paragraph.

            Paragraph 2 - In the explanation the candidate may use audiovisual means and other resources that he deems convenient for a better presentation of its work.

            Paragraph 3 - In the stage of the argument, each examiner will be granted a period of twenty minutes to make critical assessments and questions around the subject of the dissertation or thesis and the same term for the candidate's response.

            Paragraph 4 - At the discretion of the president, each examiner may extend the term or re-argue the candidate.

            Paragraph 5 - The total term of the arguing will be of up to two hours for masters and of up to four hours for doctorate, possibly extended for another half hour, at the discretion of the president of the examining bank.

Art. 43 - The supervisor of the thesis or dissertation may provide information when requested by any member of the judging committee, as long as there is interest in clarification.

            Sole paragraph - The information, explanations or merit of the supervisor will not be considered in the evaluation of the dissertation or thesis of the candidate.

Article 44 - The criterion of judgment of the dissertation or thesis will be based on the scientific methodology intrinsic value of the work, capacity of didactic explanation and defense of the candidate on the study carried out.

            Sole paragraph - For the evaluation of the doctoral thesis, in addition to the provisions of the caput of this Art. It will be considered the original and significant contribution that the work will represent the study area in which it is developed.

Art. 45 - Each examiner will assign a grade of zero to ten to the dissertation or thesis.

Art. 46 - The candidate who obtains the minimum average of 7.0 will be considered approved.

            Sole Paragraph - In case of a lower grade than this, the student may present a new dissertation or thesis for defense.


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